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Stämpfli ST1 Single

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Stämpfli ST1 Single

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Stämpfli has been producing racing shells since 1896 and always been at the forefront of introducing technology and innovation to racing boats. The development of the Stämpfli ST1 in an Autoclave has been the most recent confirmation of Stämpfli leading the way in racing boat construction.

Stämpfli are proud to introduce a revolutionary stiff, fast and very sexy new single scull - the all-carbon Stämpfli ST1. The Stämpfli ST1 is the FISA Short Mould hull modified above the waterline to suit this type of construction. Built using a unique Autoclave construction method and incorporates innovative manufacturing processes taken from the aircraft industry and Formula One car production.


Several layers of carbon fiber fabric are heat cured at 130° Celsius and at 6 bar of pressure into a single skin, single piece hull. The result is an extremely stiff and impact resistant racing boat combined with an excellent finish. The boat is able to absorb impact without any perceptible damage.

Technical Specifications

All hull sizes are built to or below FISA Minimum Weight, and all hulls conform to FISA Buoyancy Guidelines.

Model Hull Type Length Weight
X1 Finnish Mould 8.05 m / 26.41 ft 14 kg /30.8 lb (max)
S1 Stampfli Classic Mould 8.20 m / 26.90 ft 14 kg /30.8 lb (max)
ST1 FISA Short Mould 8.00 m / 26.25 ft 14 kg /30.8 lb (max)
Stämpfli Holzskiff 8.00 m / 26.25 ft 14 kg /30.8 lb (max)


Hull Crew Weight
FISA Short Mould kg lb
ST1-75 65-80 kg
143-176 lb
ST1-100 90-110 kg
198-242 lb
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